Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Into the light

Llangors Lake - well, of course we had a go at pulling the sword out of the stone ...

My brother came to visit me in Hungerford over Easter. We had skyped and exchanged emails before, discussing what to do and what to see in the limited time he was here. We both wanted to go on a daytrip to Wales and to do it the oldfashioned way.

As soon as I collected him from Heathrow on Good Friday we got out the maps. We decided to drive into the Brecon Becons National Park on Easter Sunday, the day the clock went forwards. The weather forecast had been extremely gloomy but when we woke up at 7am/6am we actually saw blue sky - and were out in the car in a shot.

We drove up to Ross-on-Wye and took a B-road to Abergavenny and stumbled across Skenfrith Castle just after crossing the Welsh border, stopped for coffee in Crickhowell and had our picknick at the shore of Llangors Lake. The landscape was absolutely stunning and I definitely need to go back.

I am also including photos of our next trip to the New Forest and the Solent and my visit to Ham House and Gardens (National Trust) after dropping my brother at Heathrow.

Much love,

Skenfrith Castle

Crickhowell Castle

At Llangors Lake - quite choppy

Bronllys Castle

New Forest: the gorse is coming into flower

Back in Milford-on-Sea.

Ham House and Gardens in Richmond

The very first British bathroom at Ham House (17th century!)

Tighly clipped lavender in the 17th century design of the Cherry Garden

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