Samstag, 19. März 2016

Stripes and Stripes

Striped squared made from black, fawn and white alpaca 

One of my resolutions for this year is trying to get better at documenting my crafting/creative processes. I have lost so many ideas over the last years just because I didn't get round to actually writing them up. And as this blog originally started out as a crafting blog, I will try to return to its roots from time to time.

As mentioned in my last post, my current project is a short wrap jacket designed by Alison Ellen but with lots of added stitches to allow for my size, especially as it is meant to be rather loose-fitting. Work is progressing well, especially as I like working from square to square and having lots of little moments of achievement along the way! I hope that my wool stash will be enough for the sleeves but I have a some short bits of the black alpaca left to spin.

I have also lined up all blue samples of last week below and am now thinking of knitting them up in a similar technique for a chair cover, with other leftover yarn. The chairs at the guild meetings are a bit uncomfortable and for a full morning of spinning my bum could use some soft merino!

Much love,

Rough sketch of how the jacket is supposed to look like

You can see the "wrong" side in this picture but it also a good opportunity to sneak in a Hamish cameo

Black, fawn and white alpaca - since I splashed out on a yarn-winder, my yarn balls look very professional

Samples of blue from Wingham Wool Work

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