Sonntag, 24. April 2016


Bluebells at Basildon Park

It has started: everything is growing like mad, the camellias are out and the first tulips. I have planted a few marigolds (though I am really not a great fan of marigolds but needed some instant colour) to create an orange counterpoint to the blue of forget-me-nots and Brunnera macrophylla.

Today I went with a friend to Basildon Park and was surprised that its woods were already full of bluebells! I cannot wait for Spring to get into full stride.

Much love,

View at Basildon Park
Forget-me-nots and marigold


New camellia, forgot the name

I think this is the "Madame Vansittart" (really need to check this)


Red and red-striped.

No smoked mackrel for breakfast - Hamish STRONGLY disapproves.

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