Sonntag, 11. September 2016

Lazy rainy days

There was so much rain yesterday - the perfect opportunity to finish most of my alpaca cardi-poncho project. I have been working on this since summer last year and now I am finally nearing completion.

Because it developed into a monstrously big piece of knitting I decided some time ago that I would skip the sleeves and just wear it as a poncho. The alpaca felts easily and I knew that I would never ever be able to unravel everything, otherwise I would have considered beginning again in order to get it right. I am now working on the neck and armhole finishing and then I will - finally - be able to move on to the next big(gish) crafting project.

When the rain eased off a bit around early afternoon I quickly took a few photos in the garden, of the whole glorious glossy mess it is at the moment, full of blooming tobacco plants, fennel, verbenas sunflowers, rust-speckled hollyhocks and Japanese anemones.

Much love,

Everything on stitch holders - doesn't even fit in the picture ...

Japanese anemone 'Whirlwind'

Euphorbia mellifera


Nasturtium leaves

New pinkish growth on the camellia

Japanese anemones

More anemones

Hydrangea leaves and nasturtium flowers
Hydrangea bloom turning from cream to pink.

Lungwort leaves

Hamish helps