Samstag, 18. Juni 2016

Mottisfont Timewarp

Sorry for being so silent of late - I have been on the road and saw plenty of gardens but haven't really had time to post. In the last month I visited Mottisfont, where the national collection of historic roses is housed, twice - once when my parents were on their annual visit (which was a bit too early) and today, so I thought I post the photos from these visits to show the massive change that can happen to a garden in three weeks. As an interlude I am also posting photos from Spinner's Garden, a privately owned woodland garden in the New Forest, where I visited last weekend on one of my trips to the seaside.

Much love,

Mottisfont, fourth weekend in May 2016

I have a soft spot for old plane trees

One of the very few roses already in bloom

Everything still looks very green

In Spinner's Garden, New Forest. Fantastic structural details

Impressive red rhodo

Stunning eucalyptus tree in Spinner's Garden, it sheds its bark in wintertime

Mottisfont today. Way more colour

Still fascinated with love-in-a-mist as a companion plant for roses and pinks

Lavender hedging slowly gets into gear

My camera does much better when the sky is overcast

Cottage with Hamish and basil plant

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