Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

Lonely Bouquet Day 2016

My adopted bouquet
I had the massive luck to find a Lonely Bouquet in Newbury today. I was having breakfast at the teashop at the canal, watching the swans (a group of girls named some of them Daisy, Lily, Poppy and Derek). When I left for the car park, I saw the bouquet lying on a bench. I read the card attached and just had to adopt it.

Today is Lonely Bouquet Day 2016, an initiative dedicated to making people happy - with flowers. You 'abandon' a bouquet for a stranger to find and to make them smile. Just love the idea - I sort of heard about this before. I popped the sunflowers in a jug, on the photo they still look a bit droopy as they had spent an hour in the car. My adopted bouquet was was abandoned by Helen Vickers of Willow & Blooms in Newbury. Thank you so much, Helen!

While having my lunch I spotted a visitor to the garden, resting on a Clematis leaf. I need to find out which kind of dayflying moth this is - being a fan of moths I just had to grab my camera. It stayed for more than 1 hour in my garden.

Much love,

Mystery moth

Selfportrait with pint of milk.

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