Montag, 23. Mai 2016

NGS: Sandleford Place & TWIGS Community Gardens

Striking colour combinations in the TWIGS Community Gardens
Over the last weeks I visited 2 NGS gardens, Sandleford Place in Newbury and TWIGS Community Gardens in Swindon.

Looking back through the photos I notice that I have focussed more on details than usual, especially on the glorious wisteria at Sandleford Place and the sculptures in the TWIGS (Therapeutic Work in Gardening in Swindon) garden. I loved both places and really enjoyed the mindblowing selection of plants for sale at TWIGS. For this post I have selected pictures which give a more general impression.

Just before the last bluebells vanished I managed to find a bluebell wood and to take a few photos in evening light.

Much love,

Sandleford Place - loved the tree water feature.

Always had a soft spot for auricula primroses.

A magnificent plane tree branch.

The Wisteria Walk.

The Enborne - the blooming ramsons (Allium ursinus) saturated the air with a lovely garlicky aroma.

Wooden sculptures in the TWIGS Community Gardens

The Park of Life Garden - the lighter side.

The wildlife friendly garden. My artichoke is a mere baby compared to this.

More wildlife friendliness. In the background the willow fence of the Cottage Garden with round hobbit "windows"

All my bluebell photos look quite samey. Tried an evening light variation.

Lengthening shadows.

My favourite.

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