Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Field trip

Field of poppies near Northleach.

This weekend I went on the pilgrimage to Hidcote. As my own garden is in its change-over phase at the moment and mostly green, I was looking forward to seeing this famous garden - but of course their roses were still going strong!

The most amazing thing for me is how different a garden can be on every single visit. This Saturday morning was actually pretty cold, but the air was filled with the fragrance of the varieties of mock-orange and the first lilies in bloom.

On my way back I stopped to take photos of two fields - one flax, one with so many poppies in it that it felt like a punch of colour on this grey day. I actually parked the car twice to photograph it from different angles ...

Much love,

Yeah I know. But I love this tree.

Mock-orange and sweet pea blossoms.

Hot colour scheme.
The Pillar Garden filled with mock-oranges, campanulas and lilies.

Orchard behind the Long Borders.

Field filled with flax in Gloucestershire.

A closer look at the poppies.

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