Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

National Trust: Stourhead

Stourhead - the bridge.

The weekend is almost up us again and I haven't even posted the last lot of pictures yet! On the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend I woke up really early (6-ish, Hamish bouncing up and down on the bed and demanding immediate attention/cuddles/biscuits) and the sky was bright blue. So I thought I better get on the road, pronto.

I have visited Stourhead three times - the first time in 1997, when I was completely struck by the self-contained world of the placid lake and the miniature temples, so much so that I chose the English landscape garden for one of my graduating subjects in art history. The famous grass-covered bridge features in so many period films that I had the feeling of having visited much more often and when Darcy proposed to Lizzie in Joe Wright's Pride in Prejudice I knew exactly where they were absurdly romantic in the rain.

This year I took a friend to see it, she was visiting in late February and we had to find a house and garden that was already open and where we did not have to rely on flowers to make the garden attractive. I made up my mind to visit much more often and on last Sunday I did - enjoy!

Much love,

Dramatic sky over the lake.


Massive camellias!

Ready for your close-up?

Red among pink.

Another stunning camellia - ok, I might have a problem ...

Different view-point.

Gothic Cottage and cherry blossom.

Early rhododendrons in full swing.

Was quite taken by this bright red rhododendron.

The ground is pink with fallen blossoms.

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