Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

NGS: Conholt Park Estate

Today I visited the extraordinary garden at Conholt Park Estate which was open under the National Garden Scheme. The planting is truly inspirational - I loved the chives planted in drifts (see photo above) and the combination of foxgloves, bronze fennel and roses. Other stunning elements were white wisteria, masses of alliums and artichokes in the walled garden, a poppy garden and spectacular cedars.

foxgloves, bronze fennel and roses

white wisteria

masses of artichokes

the walled garden

one of the cedars

the arboretum

the poppy garden

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  1. Da hattest du bestimmt eine Menge Schatten. Hier in Berlin war es so heiß, selbst am Wasser bzw. an der Havel!