Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Roadtrip: Milford-on-Sea

After the longest period of absence from this blog to date (sorry, sorry, sorry) I am resuming my duties with a seaside post. Since being back in the UK I hadn't been to the coast and always wanted to find the time to go. Even if it is November. Even if gale force winds have been forecast.

A friend of mine had suggested Milford-on-Sea as a possible destination while on a visit in Hungerford but when she was here we opted for going to Bath instead. So today I packed an extra pair of shoes, extra socks, an extra wooly hat, extra umbrella and extra cardigan, dusted off my map of Central Southern England and finally went to the seaside.

After getting a bit lost around Southampton I found my way via Beaulieu (where I had visited the National Motor Museum in 1997) and Lymington to Milford-on-Sea, driving through the New Forest National Park. Unfortunately I didn't stop to take photos of the famous ponies ... I suppose I just wanted to see the sea as soon as possible.

I have never lived as close to the coast as I do now and I definitely need to do this more often. On arrival it was raining and the waves lashed against the walls of the promenade. I cannot remember being near the sea in such stormy weather and the noise it made was almost deafening, together with the howling wind. You can see the Needles on the west coast of the Isle of Wight from the Milford promenade but all of my photos seem hazy, as the spray from the waves was all over the lense (and my spectacles) ...


  1. Hi Sweetie, schön, dass sich der Trip gelohnt hat. Das erste Foto find ich genial und das letzte macht mir Lust auf Küstestapfen im März. Jetzt waren wir beide innerhalb von 14 Tagen endlich mal an einer Küste, nur dass ich ja arbeiten musste und fast nur Küste bei Nacht genießen konnte... Nun kannst Du ja noch die gesammelten Fotos der letzten Monate posten...der Winter wird lang und jede Erinnerung an den Sommer erhellt ihn ein bißchen. ;-* robroyige Hillagrüße aus BS

  2. Thank you for showing your photos dear, it's good to hear from you again!
    xx Katie.