Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

True Blue

The bluebells have been out quite early this year and are one of the most amazing sights you can come across - especially if you do not expect to find them.

The weather has been really unsettled this weekend but it cleared up during Sunday afternoon. I decided to have a quick walk round the marsh but somehow felt the urge to take a much longer route to visit one of my favourite trees in the area.

favourite tree
I saw single bluebells here and there, most of them fading fast, then suddenly a blue mist through the hazel. Unfortunaly my camera does not pick up the true colour of the bluebells, which is a much deeper, almost royal blue against the fresh green of the first leaves of the surrounding trees.

blue mist

During the last months I have been visiting local gardens that are open under the National Garden Scheme and haven't posted any photos - here is a best of:

at Sharcott Manor

Sharcott Manor
before the storm
at Oare House

Oare House

more bluebells at Oare House

birches and bluebells

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