Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Sunny Side Up

This is the first warm, sunny weekend of the year and everyone here in Hungerford seemed to rush out to enjoy the warmth. You can literally watch the plants in the garden grow; some of my early tulips are already out, looking a bit moth-eaten due to two months of relentless rainfall. The two camellia blossoms that have opened during last week look remarkably different from each other, which is a lovely surprise.

chameleon camellia
I went for a quick walk around the marsh at midday, found a cherry tree in full bloom which was filled with bumble bees and butterflies and spent the afternoon reading in the garden. Even though the sun rises over the surrounding rooftops just for a short while, all the bricks and flints in the walls are heating up quickly - Spring has arrived.

St Lawrence and the Kennet & Avon canal

Freeman's Marsh

sorry - still obsessed with trees in bloom

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