Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Fat Bitch Assignment #1

I have just now enrolled in Rachele's "How to be a fat bitch" ECourse on ["A fat bitch is confident, out-spoken and proud of who she is. The word bitch has been used by feminists as a way to reclaim an insult used to demean our cause"] - and this is the first assignment: 

"Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy. Not "even though you are fat" but because you are fat and awesome. 5 things that have nothing to do with trying for the sake of others."

This is my list of 5:

#1: Finish sowing my short stripey dress to wear on Valentine's Day.
#2: Learn how to bake vegan cakes that don't taste like cardboard.
#3: Read more about self and fat acceptance.
#4: Finish writing my story about a fat teenage girl who does not hate herself for being fat.
#5: Planting herbs and vegetables in the garden and buying shedloads of tulips for my room.

If you would like to enlist in Rachele's "How to be a fat bitch"-ECourse, you can do it here:

I will keep you updated about the actual "doing part" of this list!

The discussion part of this assignment reads: 

"How do you deal with people that make assumptions about you based on being fat? Is the best revenge to live well and be happy? How do you feel about the concept of there being a "good fatty" and a "bad fatty" perceived in society?"

I am not great with confrontation but in the last months I have found the courage to speak up more. It is true - most people automatically assume that I am unhappy with my body and most of them are shocked if I state that I don't want to lose weight. Some people cannot handle this very well and try to discuss this topic at length. Usually I try to explain that I feel much healthier and much more self-confident since I have quit obsessing about my weight and if that doesn't serve to shut them up I know that they are not the sort of people I want to be my friend. Regarding the "good fatty" and "bad fatty" issue: size-wise and weight-wise I am definitely in the "bad fatty" category. To say that some people are allowed to love themselves and others are not is principally not acceptable to me. I know that I have been conditioned to judge people and myself just because of their bodies and my body all my life and I am still battling this seemingly automatic process from time to time. 

Love, Qaroline


  1. Well said! Most people think we are unhappy with our weight or our looks and that is so untrue. I am very happy with my look and style and I am glad you are also.
    Nice to meet you through the course, looking forward to getting to know you :-)

    1. Hi Kym - thank you so much for your comment, I am also looking forward to the next assignment of the course and to reading your blogpost about it! Love, Qaroline

  2. Hi Qaroline! I have decided to join the e-course as well. Though I haven't decided yet if I will post my answers or not. I can't wait to see what's next!
    xx Katie.

    1. Hi Katie - thank you very much for stopping by; great that you joined the course, it really is a brilliant project! Love, Qaroline