Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Roadtrip: Mottisfont Abbey

Roses and love-in-a-mist

The weather this weekend was undoubtedly weird, muggy and grey with occasional glimpses of blue sky. This morning it didn't really look promising but I set off anyway. Mottisfont is run by the National Trust and holds the National Collection of Oldfashioned Roses. I have been there before but later in the year, when the mulberries on the trees standing in front of the walled garden were ripe. I remembered that I was very impressed with the planting but always wanted to return when the roses were in full swing.

At the moment, the opening times are extended to 8pm and there were a lot of people so it was a bit difficult to take photos without them in. My favourite combination was love-in-the-mist planted among roses and pinks and on the photos you can really see the hazy effect this flower creates.

The fragrances wafting through the garden were quite amazing, I even teared up at one point because the scent was so strong. There were distinctive areas in the walled garden where certain fragrances were most prominent, on some corners it was the lavender, on some the roses but most surprising was the clove-like smell of the pinks which almost bowled me over. I bought 2 tiny pinks (Dianthus Mottisfont Pink) in the shop and planted them in the sunniest spot of the cottage's garden. Hopefully they will fill my garden with the same overwhelming scent next year.

Much love,

The house, still early and with overcast sky, later the lawn was filled with picknicking families

Moss rose 'General Kleber', 1856

Rose riot

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