Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

Fast forward: January to June

Today: Open garden at Stockcross House. White wisteria and roses.

Finally I have a new card reader and am now again able to post photos online - so sorry about the silent months in between! To bring you up to speed, this post will feature a best of from January to June, including my April holiday in Southwold, Suffolk.

Much love,

January: Banbury Castle - Iron Age hill fort in Wiltshire

February: Snowdrops and aconites in Welford Park, Berkshire

Early April: Quay Hill, Lymington

Early April: Hurst Castle - fortifications opposite the Isle of Wight

Hurst Castle - remnants of brick columns

End of April: Southwold Pier, Suffolk

Southwold Harbour

Southwold Harbour

Southwold Promenade - a storm is coming

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

May: Old cemetery in Cirencester

Late May: Roman wall in Silchester, Hampshire

June: Avebury Avenue, Wiltshire

Today: Stockcross House, Berkshire

Today: Stockcross Church with bowling green

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