Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Perfect Start Bouquet

I'm back from my short blog sabbatical - and now that so many beautiful blooms are out I can start again with my bouquet blog. These gorgeous yellow tulips are one of my favourite varieties; the blue vase is handmade [by my Mom] and I guess it is something about the colour combination that always makes me smile.

just a few days later

Thanks to the mild weather our camellia is covered in whitish-pink blossoms - in all the last years frosty nights destroyed almost all of the buds and this is the first year the camellia is able to fulfill her full potential - such a shame that the blossoms have no fragrance!

I have been working on a lot of new crafting projects recently - this is my current one: this freestyle embroidery is meant to be turned into a pillow case [some day soon, hopefully]. I am working with pure white cotton yarn on rough dark-blue linen and because I don't have to count threads or follow any kind of pattern it is actually quite relaxing.

freestyle paisley pattern - very individual shapes ;-)
Wishing you all a wonderful month of May -

Love, Qaroline


  1. Du hast meinen größten Respekt - ich hätte nie die Geduld, solch ein Muster bzw. überhaupt etwas zusammenhängendes zu sticken :) Klasse!

    1. Vielen Dank für die Blumen ;) - lustigerweise macht es wirklich total Spaß, gerade eben weil man immer neue Stiche ausprobieren kann! Das heißt natürlich nicht, dass ich es nicht zwischendurch mal in die Ecke pfeffern möchte! Liebste Grüße, Qaroline