Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

NGS: Beggars Knoll

I am always trying to see a few open National Garden Scheme gardens each year but the Chinese garden at Beggars Knoll was my first for 2017. Almost next to the White Horse at Westbury and with breathtaking views over the surrounding hills, the garden is divided into many small rooms, each with a different theme and name. It was quite a windy day, the trees were 'wuthering' all around us and thinking back on it the trees in this garden probably made the strongest impression on me: mature beech trees, a massive black mulberry, gingkos, even a sezuan peppercorn tree ... but I also loved the stones and various special objects placed around the garden.

The garden is open by appointment only and a guided tour is included in the entrance fee.

Much love,

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