Sonntag, 13. September 2015

Roadtrip: RHS Garden Wisley and Great Dixter

The Sunken Garden, Great Dixter, near Rye in East Sussex

2 weeks ago my Mom came to visit me in Hungerford and we took the opportunity to visit 2 gardens both of us have wanted to see for a long time. My Mom always saw the signs to the RHS Garden in Wisley on the M25 but never was able to take a break and see it for herself. And after watching the BBC documentary Great British Gardens in Time and the first episode dealing with Great Dixter I had read several of Christopher Lloyd's book and desperately wanted to see the garden.

I loved both gardens and took gazillions of photos, especially of plant combinations. In Wisley I was really taken with the Glasshouse Borders which showcase prairie planting, but was completely smitten with Great Dixter and its bold compositions of colours, structures and the contrast between the massive topiaries and the fuzziness of perennials and annuals planted amongst them.

Much love,

Sunflowers and Rudbeckia, RHS Wisley

Glasshouse Borders, RHS Wisley

Glasshouse Borders, RHS Wisley

Sedums and yarrow, RHS Wisley

Display of potted plants, Great Dixter

Topiary lawn, Great Dixter

Long border, Great Dixter

Great Dixter

Tagetes and asters, Great Dixter

Great Dixter

Agastache, Great Dixter

Great Dixter

Great Dixter

Another view of the Topiary Lawn, Great Dixter

The Exotic Garden, Great Dixter

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