Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Come Rain or Shine

I went for a really long walk today. Sunday usually is the day I try to keep free for walks, doing all my grocery shopping on Saturday so I don't need to worry about closing times.

A few Sundays ago I walked from Hungerford to Chilton Foliat (where the BBC filmed the classic series Victorian Kitchen Garden and Victorian Flower Garden) and today I walked from Hungerford to Kintbury and back again (about 13 kilometres or more, which is pretty impressive for the likes of me).

The weather was changing constantly, some sunshine, some rain ... Autumn is arriving really fast and there are still lots of rosehips, haws and the last of the damsons around. Yesterday I went foraging for sweet chestnuts and brought home half a carrier bag! Maybe I will make some into marrons glacés ...

On my return I baked some buttermilk scones and ate them slathered in clotted cream and my homemade blackberry jam - the perfect treat and simply the best way to reward myself for my aching feet!

Love, Qaroline

suspicious sheep, near Chilton Foliat

Freeman's Marsh, Hungerford, on my way back from Chilton Foliat

on my way to Kintbury


along the Kennet and Avon Kanal

Tea time: buttermilk scones with clotted cream and homemade blackberry jam. Single tuberose in milk bottle.

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