Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Foraging Frenzy

I have been walking a lot this weekend, foraging for flowers and fruit. This morning I woke up early, had a quick breakfast and went out blackberrying.

I remembered how my parents used to bribe me with picking blackberries or cobnuts when they had trouble persuading me to join them on a Sunday walk. Foraging for free food still is the main reason why I always try to get a sense of my surroundings. I simply have to find out where the blackberry bushes are, good mushroom spots or sweet chestnut trees.

I found lots of beautiful flowers today but as I do not have a single vase in my cupboard I took a milk bottle from the recycling box and arranged the budleija and elderberry branches, the comfrey blossoms and grass stalks in there.

milk bottle bouquet

Apart from blackberries I also found damsons, very small, prune-like, slightly bitter fruit who are quite exotic to me – I haven’t seen them anywhere in Germany. I will try to make damson cheese but my jam-making equipment is still packed away – time for more experimenting …

Love, Qaroline

damsons I brought back home wrapped in my shawl
dusk settles over the river Kennet
Hungerford Common

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  1. Also die Landschaft ist traumhaft. Ich hoffe, dass du dir daraus auch weiterhin ganz viel Kraft und Ruhe ziehen kannst und NICHT nur aus meiner Post. Habe noch einige Überraschungen auf dich vor, he, he! Stricknadeln hast du hoffentlich mitgenommen, oder?